• Patent pending technology developed specifically for protection against copper theft from widely distributed infrastructure such as power transmission lines and telephone poles.
  • Small, lightweight and portable camera and iPhone motes
  • Long lifetime of deployment. Solar cell & battery powered
  • Uses the same technology as the Smart Grid. ZigBee enabled wireless communication protocol. Selected by utilities as the most stable wireless communication protocol for electrically noisy environments, ZigBee is the best solution for far and wide networks
  • iPhone Mote provides easy to use interface and access to video on Smart Camera Motes
  • Easy to install, inexpensive to maintain – any worker can do it.
  • User can establish where the warning and video clip are reported to, either their own security personnel or to police authorities.
  • Vast far & wide network possible with virtually an unlimited number of motes in a network
  • Self forming Network – When Motes are brought into the network’s area they will join up without need for the worker to do anything except turn it on.
  • Self-healing Network– motes will establish communication paths around an ailing device and report back to base that it is having problems, in effect healing itself.
  • High quality redundant video for use in prosecutions.
  • Very low maintenance devices
Incident Prevention, Inc. Electric Power Research Institute